Jim Thompson – Founder and President of Dallas Company

Jim Thompson Dallas

Working in the financial industry often implies an understanding only of how to help people financially, but Jim Thompson of Dallas based Preston Hollow Capital understands that there is more to the financial industry which helps him to help his clients to achieve financial success. This is why although he is the CEO and Founder of Preston Hollow Capital, he is also on the board of the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance. Jim Thompson is passionate about the work he does at his company, but this volunteer work allows him to serve his community with the skills that he has gained in his over 26 year long career as well.

The Leadership of Jim Thompson, Dallas Financial Guru, is Unquestionable

Jim Thompson Dallas

Under the leadership of Jim Thompson, Dallas investment professional, Preston Hollow Capital has over time built up a team of experienced executive management, structuring, trading, credit and business operations professionals who have shown themselves capable of working seamlessly to deliver the best quality experience for everyone. They do their best to ensure that borrowers and their agents have an experience that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and certainty, because those are the factors that make for the best borrowing experience.

Over the course of his long career, Jim Thompson has tried to make Dallas more than just his home. In fact, he is so dedicated to working and improving the Dallas community that, after 22 years as the CEO of diversified financial services firm called ORIX USA -a firm he led to enormous growth,, by the way – he decided he wanted to start his own firm, which became Preston Hollow Capital, he did so in the very same downtown Dallas building that housed ORIX USA. By the time he finished at ORIX, that firm had 1,400 employees, assets of more than $5 billion, and they managed another $28 billion in third party assets.

To Jim Thompson, Dallas is his home. That is why he is so dedicated to improving the business climate in his community. With Preston Hollow Capital, Jim Thompson has managed to pursue a two-prong strategy, in which he invests in fixed income credit and also participates in the acquisition of operating companies in such diverse industries as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors.

Jim Thompson’s self-named nonprofit

Jim Thompson Dallas

For nearly 40 years, Jim Thompson has worked with financial agencies and their clientele. He’s even founded his own business in Dallas, Texas — a diversified independent specialty finance company called Preston Hollow Capital founded in 2014. He now leads a team of approximately 25 as they aid in money management, investments and trading on the stock market.

But also close to Jim Thompson’s heart is contributing to his greater Dallas community. In 2006, he founded a self-named organization that funnels vital dollars into area 501(c)3 nonprofits. Thompson founded the Jim Thompson Foundation or JTF, which still operates today. It contributes specifically to giving areas close to Thompson’s heart, which include free speech, children and family services, general aviation, education and animal services. This 13-year foundation has provided significantly to the Dallas region with Thompson continually serving as its founding director.

Jim Thompson – Blue Sky

Jim Thompson Dallas

While he founded his current company, Preston Hollow Capital, this was not Jim Thompson’s first dive into founding a company. His passion for the community of Dallas and its surrounding areas inspired Jim Thompson to found the Blue Sky Educational Foundation in 2012. Angela and Jim Thompson both believe in the importance of giving back and it was from that place in their hearts that they began the development of this philanthropic endeavor. Blue Sky Educational Foundation was designed to create an environment in which supporters could use aviation experiences to inspire young people to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as to promote a passion for aerospace careers.

Developing this kind of programming required partnering with some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious aviation groups. These partnerships allow Blue Sky Educational Foundation to give promising students opportunities to learn the passion of flight. This is done first-hand through camp scholarships, school curricula and other innovative programs. For Dallas students, this is an incredible opportunity to grow and develop as young eager students into full fledged professionals. The skills that they are able to acquire are both educational and inspirational to increase interest in these important fields. Jim Thompson works in the field of finance which requires math and this inspired him to want to pay it forward to students looking to go into these kinds of fields as well.

Dallas Financial Services CEO Jim Thompson Cares About People

Jim Thompson DallasFrom the perspective of Jim Thompson, the Dallas Metroplex is a very important, very special place. That is why, when he decided to leave ORIX USA after 22 years and start Preston Hollow Capital, LLC, he started the new firm in the exact same Dallas building where he worked with ORIX. Jim is dedicated to improving the business climate in his community and, through Preston Hollow Capital, he has managed to pursue a two-prong strategy, in which he invests in fixed income credit and also participates in the acquisition of operating companies in such diverse industries as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors.

Jim Thompson wants very much to give back to the people in his Dallas community and he does so as often as possible. That is why, in addition to being the chairman of Preston Hollow Capital. Jim Thompson is a very active philanthropist. Jim is also a former Board Member of Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), which helps underserved children find legal assistance when they need it, and he has served on the boards of Angel Flight South Central and the AOPA Foundation at various times. He has also strongly support and/or served on the boards for The Family Place, and the World Craniofacial Foundation.

Besides his service on the board of the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance, Jim also strongly supports Dallas-area non-profits through his very own charitable group, the Jim & Angela Thompson Foundation, which he formed for that purpose. He also expresses his unwavering support for STEM education initiatives through his leadership and support of the Blue Sky Educational Foundation.