Jim Thompson’s self-named nonprofit

Jim Thompson Dallas

For nearly 40 years, Jim Thompson has worked with financial agencies and their clientele. He’s even founded his own business in Dallas, Texas — a diversified independent specialty finance company called Preston Hollow Capital founded in 2014. He now leads a team of approximately 25 as they aid in money management, investments and trading on the stock market.

But also close to Jim Thompson’s heart is contributing to his greater Dallas community. In 2006, he founded a self-named organization that funnels vital dollars into area 501(c)3 nonprofits. Thompson founded the Jim Thompson Foundation or JTF, which still operates today. It contributes specifically to giving areas close to Thompson’s heart, which include free speech, children and family services, general aviation, education and animal services. This 13-year foundation has provided significantly to the Dallas region with Thompson continually serving as its founding director.